Number 71 facts

The odd number 71 is spelled 🔊, and written in words: seventy-one. The ordinal number 71st is said 🔊 and written as: seventy-first. The meaning of the number 71 in Maths: Is it Prime? Factorization and prime factors tree. The square root and cube root of 71. What is 71 in computer science, numerology, codes and images, writing and naming in other languages. Other interesting facts, videos, news related to 71.

Interesting facts about the number 71


  • (71) Niobe is asteroid number 71. It was discovered by K. T. R. Luther from Düsseldorf-Bilk Observatory on 8/13/1861.

Aircrafts and flights

  • The Lockheed SR-71, also known unofficially as Blackbird ("blackbird" in Spanish) and by its crew as Habu, was a long-range strategic reconnaissance aircraft capable of exceeding the speed of Mach 3, until now the manned aircraft fastest in the world, developed from the Lockheed YF-12 and A-12 aircraft by the Skunk Works group of the Lockheed company. It was active from 1964 to 1998.

Areas, mountains and surfaces

  • The total area of Bylot Island is 4,273 square miles (11,067 square km). Country Canada (Nunavut). 71th largest island in the world.

Distances between cities

  • There is a 45 miles (71 km) direct distance between Amman (Jordan) and Jerusalem (Israel).
  • There is a 71 miles (114 km) direct distance between Bandung (Indonesia) and Jakarta (Indonesia).
  • There is a 71 miles (113 km) direct distance between Daejeon (South Korea) and Suwon-si (South Korea).
  • There is a 45 miles (71 km) direct distance between Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine) and Zaporizhzhya (Ukraine).
  • More distances between cities ...
  • There is a 71 miles (114 km) direct distance between Dombivli (India) and Nashik (India).
  • There is a 45 miles (71 km) direct distance between Kānpur (India) and Lucknow (India).
  • There is a 71 miles (113 km) direct distance between Puyang (China) and Shangyu (China).


  • Pokémon Victreebel (Utsubotto, Utsubot) is a Pokémon number # 071 of the National Pokédex. Victreebel is a grass and poison type Pokémon in the first generation. It is a plant egg group Pokémon. The other Victreebel indexes are Kalos Centro index 028 - Highland Pokédex, Johto index 066 .

History and politics

  • United Nations Security Council Resolution number 71, adopted 27 June 1949. Liechtenstein and the International Court of Justice. Resolution text.


  • 71 is the only two-digit number n such that (nn-n!)/n is prime
  • 71 is the largest of the supersingular primes, i.e., the set of primes that divide the group order of the Monster group
  • 71 divides the sum of the primes less than it.


  • 'SR-71' is a band that was formed in Baltimore Maryland, United States. The band's name came from SR-71 Blackbird, a 'retired' jet from the United States Air Force.


  • There are many different pigrimage routes to Camino de Santiago. Each one offers a unique cultural and spiritual experience and days of walking. One of them is the Camino Finisterre-Muxía and it is 115 km (71 miles) long.


  • Lutetium is the chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Lu and atomic number 71.


  • The best athletes to wear number 71
    Alex Karras, NFL; Walter Jones, NFL; Dave Marcis, NASCAR; Bobby Isaac, NASCAR; Walter Jones, NFL

Tv, movies and cinematography

  • 71 - Official Trailer - Starring Jack O'Connell
    From Warp Films, Film4, BFI and STUDIOCANAL comes the critically acclaimed Berlin Festival hit '71, a nail-biting chase thriller about a hunted soldier fighting for survival.
  • 71: Into the Fire is a South Korean war drama film filmed in 2010 and directed by Lee Jae-han. The film commemorates those who fought during the Korean War, to raise awareness of the existence and importance of student-soldiers during that period.
  • 71 Fragments of a Random Chronology is a film directed by Michael Haneke in 1994. It is a German and Austrian production.

What is 71 in other units

The decimal (Arabic) number 71 converted to a Roman number is LXXI. Roman and decimal number conversions.
The number 71 converted to a Mayan number is mayan number 71
Decimal and Mayan number conversions.

Weight conversion

71 kilograms (kg) = 156.5 pounds (lbs)
71 pounds (lbs) = 32.2 kilograms (kg)

Length conversion

71 kilometers (km) equals to 44.117 miles (mi).
71 miles (mi) equals to 114.263 kilometers (km).
71 meters (m) equals to 114.263 feet (ft).
71 feet (ft) equals 21.641 meters (m).
71 centimeters (cm) equals to 28.0 inches (in).
71 inches (in) equals to 180.3 centimeters (cm).

Temperature conversion

71° Fahrenheit (°F) equals to 21.7° Celsius (°C)
71° Celsius (°C) equals to 159.8° Fahrenheit (°F)

Power conversion

71 Horsepower (hp) equals to 52.21 kilowatts (kW)
71 kilowatts (kW) equals to 96.55 horsepower (hp)

Time conversion

(hours, minutes, seconds, days, weeks)
71 seconds equals to 1 minute, 11 seconds
71 minutes equals to 1 hour, 11 minutes

Codes and images of the number 71

Number 71 morse code: --... .----
Sign language for number 71:
Sign language for number 71 Sign language for number 71
Number 71 in braille:
Number 71 in braille
Images of the number
Image (1) of the numberImage (2) of the number
Number 71 black image Number 71 red image
More images, other sizes, codes and colors ...

Number 71 infographic

Year 71 AD

Liu Ying, a Chinese prince of the Han Dynasty who converted to Buddhism died.

Gregorian, Hebrew, Islamic, Persian and Buddhist Year (Calendar)

Gregorian year 71 is Buddhist year 614.
Buddhist year 71 is Gregorian year 472 a. C.
Gregorian year 71 is Islamic year -568 or -567.
Islamic year 71 is Gregorian year 690 or 691.
Gregorian year 71 is Persian year -552 or -551.
Persian year 71 is Gregorian 692 or 693.
Gregorian year 71 is Hebrew year 3831 or 3832.
Hebrew year 71 is Gregorian year 3689 a. C.
The Buddhist calendar is used in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Burma. The Persian calendar is the official calendar in Iran and Afghanistan.

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Advanced math operations

Is Prime?

The number 71 is a prime number. The closest prime numbers are 67, 73.
The 71st prime number in order is 353.

Factorization and factors (dividers)

The prime factors of 71
Prime numbers have no prime factors smaller than themselves.
The factors of 71 are 1, 71.
Total factors 2.
Sum of factors 72 (1).

Prime factor tree

71 is a prime number.


The second power of 712 is 5.041.
The third power of 713 is 357.911.


The square root √71 is 8,42615.
The cube root of 371 is 4,140818.


The natural logarithm of No. ln 71 = loge 71 = 4,26268.
The logarithm to base 10 of No. log10 71 = 1,851258.
The Napierian logarithm of No. log1/e 71 = -4,26268.

Trigonometric functions

The cosine of 71 is -0,309023.
The sine of 71 is 0,951055.
The tangent of 71 is -3,07762.

Number 71 in Computer Science

Code typeCode value
ASCII HtmlG Uppercase G G
(ISO 8859-1 Characters)
Unix timeUnix time 71 is equal to Thursday Jan. 1, 1970, 12:01:11 a.m. GMT
IPv4, IPv6Number 71 internet address in dotted format v4, v6 ::47
71 Decimal = 1000111 Binary
71 Decimal = 2122 Ternary
71 Decimal = 107 Octal
71 Decimal = 47 Hexadecimal (0x47 hex)
71 BASE64NzE=
71 MD5e2c420d928d4bf8ce0ff2ec19b371514
71 SHA1d02560dd9d7db4467627745bd6701e809ffca6e3
71 SHA2243ab15430af60b0a5ff62d83b3402ec496703a90615c9e5160420cb95
71 SHA2567f2253d7e228b22a08bda1f09c516f6fead81df6536eb02fa991a34bb38d9be8
71 SHA3840c8f98b0176a5ddc6390b95ed124a7ac7457f740f78f46e464aa4e5447ba24a87d7dd74b1c65edbc460c1fccb7c525e2
More SHA codes related to the number 71 ...

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Numerology 71

The meaning of the number 7 (seven), numerology 7

Character frequency 7: 1

The number 7 (seven) is the sign of the intellect, thought, psychic analysis, idealism and wisdom. This number first needs to gain self-confidence and to open his/her life and heart to experience trust and openness in the world. And then you can develop or balance the aspects of reflection, meditation, seeking knowledge and knowing.
More about the the number 7 (seven), numerology 7 ...

The meaning of the number 1 (one), numerology 1

Character frequency 1: 1

Number one (1) came to develop or balance creativity, independence, originality, self-reliance and confidence in the world. It reflects power, creative strength, quick mind, drive and ambition. It is the sign of individualistic and aggressive nature.
More about the the number 1 (one), numerology 1 ...

№ 71 in other languages

How to say or write the number seventy-one in Spanish, German, French and other languages.
Spanish: 🔊 (número 71)

setenta y uno

German: 🔊 (Nummer 71)


French: 🔊 (nombre 71)

soixante et onze

Portuguese: 🔊 (número 71)

setenta e um

Hindi: 🔊 (संख्या 71)


Chinese: 🔊 (数 71)


Arabian: 🔊 (عدد 71)

واحد و سبعون

Czech: 🔊 (číslo 71)

sedmdesát jedna

Korean: 🔊 (번호 71)


Danish: 🔊 (nummer 71)


Hebrew: (מספר 71)

שבעים ואחת

Dutch: 🔊 (nummer 71)


Japanese: 🔊 (数 71)


Indonesian: 🔊 (jumlah 71)

tujuh puluh satu

Italian: 🔊 (numero 71)


Norwegian: 🔊 (nummer 71)


Polish: 🔊 (liczba 71)

siedemdziesiąt jeden

Russian: 🔊 (номер 71)

семьдесят один

Turkish: 🔊 (numara 71)


Thai: 🔊 (จำนวน 71)


Ukrainian: 🔊 (номер 71)

сімдесят один

Vietnamese: 🔊 (con số 71)

bảy mươi mốt

Other languages ...

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Frequently asked questions about the number 71

  • Is 71 prime and why?

    The number 71 is a prime number because its divisors are: 1, 71.

  • How do you write the number 71 in words?

    71 can be written as "seventy-one".

Number 71 in News

NASA: NASA Expedition 71 Astronauts to Conduct Research aboard Space Station
Studies of neurological organoids, plant growth, and shifts in body fluids are among the scientific investigations that NASA astronauts Matthew Dominick, Michael Barratt, Jeanette Epps, and Tracy C. Dyson will help support aboard the International Space Station as part of Expedition 71. The crew members are targeting launch to the …
Feb. 9, 2024
BBC: Omagh police shooting: Sixth man, aged 71, arrested
A 71-year-old man is the latest person to be detained in connection with the attack.
Feb. 25, 2023
France24: Taiwan reports deployment of 71 Chinese warplanes during weekend war drills
China deployed 71 warplanes in weekend military exercises around Taiwan, Taipei's defence ministry said Monday, including dozens of fighter jets in one of the biggest daily incursions to date.
Dec. 26, 2022
BBC: Matthews hits 71 not out as Fire earn first win
Welsh Fire earn their first win of the women's Hundred with a nine-wicket victory against Manchester Originals in Cardiff.
July 31, 2021

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