Number 12

Number 12 spell 🔊, write in words: twelve . Ordinal number 12th is said 🔊 and write: twelfth. The meaning of number 12 in Maths: Is Prime? Factorization and dividers. The square root and cube root of 12. The meaning in computer science, numerology, codes and images, writing and naming in other languages, other interesting facts, news.

Useful information about number 12

The decimal (Arabic) number 12 converted to a Roman number is XII. Roman and decimal number conversions.
The number 12 converted to a Mayan number is mayan number 12
Decimal and Mayan number conversions.

Weight conversion

12 kilograms (kg) = 26.5 pounds (lb)
12 pounds (lb) = 5.4 kilograms (kg)

Length conversion

12 kilometers (km) equals to 7.456 miles (mi).
12 miles (mi) equals to 19.312 kilometers (km).
12 meters (m) equals to 19.312 feet (ft).
12 feet (ft) equals 3.658 meters (m).
12 centimeters (cm) equals to 4.7 inches (in).
12 inches (in) equals to 30.5 centimeters (cm).

Temperature conversion

12° Fahrenheit (°F) equals to -11.1° Celsius (°C)
12° Celsius (°C) equals to 53.6° Fahrenheit (°F)

Power conversion

12 Horsepower (hp) equals to 8.82 kilowatts (kW)
12 kilowatts (kW) equals to 16.32 horsepower (hp)

Codes and images of the number 12

Number 12 morse code: .---- ..---
Sign language for number 12:
Sign language for number 12 Sign language for number 12
Images of the number
Image (1) of the numberImage (2) of the number
Number 12 black image Number 12 red image
There is no copyright for these images. Number 12 infographic.
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Photo of number 12

Photo of the number 12

Gregorian, Hebrew, Islamic, Persian and Buddhist year (calendar)

Gregorian year 12 is Buddhist year 555.
Buddhist year 12 is Gregorian year 531 a. C.
Gregorian year 12 is Islamic year -629 or -628.
Islamic year 12 is Gregorian year 633 or 634.
Gregorian year 12 is Persian year -611 or -610.
Persian year 12 is Gregorian 633 or 634.
Gregorian year 12 is Hebrew year 3772 or 3773.
Hebrew year 12 is Gregorian year 3748 a. C.
The Buddhist calendar is used in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Burma. The Persian calendar is official in Iran and Afghanistan.

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Mathematics of no. 12


Multiplication table of 12

12 multiplied by two equals 24 (12 x 2 = 24).
12 multiplied by three equals 36 (12 x 3 = 36).
12 multiplied by four equals 48 (12 x 4 = 48).
12 multiplied by five equals 60 (12 x 5 = 60).
12 multiplied by six equals 72 (12 x 6 = 72).
12 multiplied by seven equals 84 (12 x 7 = 84).
12 multiplied by eight equals 96 (12 x 8 = 96).
12 multiplied by nine equals 108 (12 x 9 = 108).
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Fractions: decimal fraction and common fraction

Fraction table of 12

Half of 12 is 6 (12 / 2 = 6).
One third of 12 is 4 (12 / 3 = 4).
One quarter of 12 is 3 (12 / 4 = 3).
One fifth of 12 is 2,4 (12 / 5 = 2,4 = 2 2/5).
One sixth of 12 is 2 (12 / 6 = 2).
One seventh of 12 is 1,7143 (12 / 7 = 1,7143 = 1 5/7).
One eighth of 12 is 1,5 (12 / 8 = 1,5 = 1 1/2).
One ninth of 12 is 1,3333 (12 / 9 = 1,3333 = 1 1/3).
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Advanced math operations

Is Prime?

The number 12 is not a prime number. The closest prime numbers are 11, 13.
12th prime number in order is 37.

Factorization and dividers

Factorization 2 * 2 * 3 = 12
Divisors of number 12 are 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 6 , 12
Total Divisors 6.
Sum of Divisors 28.


The second power of 122 is 144.
The third power of 123 is 1.728.


The square root √12 is 3,464102.
The cube root of 312 is 2,289428.


The natural logarithm of No. ln 12 = loge 12 = 2,484907.
The logarithm to base 10 of No. log10 12 = 1,079181.
The Napierian logarithm of No. log1/e 12 = -2,484907.

Trigonometric functions

The cosine of 12 is 0,843854.
The sine of 12 is -0,536573.
The tangent of 12 is -0,63586.

Properties of the number 12

Is a Friedman number: No
Is a Fibonacci number: No
Is a Bell number: No
Is a palindromic number: No
Is a pentagonal number: Yes
Is a perfect number: No

Number 12 in Computer Science

Code typeCode value
Unix timeUnix time 12 is equal to Thursday Jan. 1, 1970, 12:12 a.m. GMT
IPv4, IPv6Number 12 internet address in dotted format v4, v6 ::c
12 Decimal = 1100 Binary
12 Decimal = 110 Ternary
12 Decimal = 14 Octal
12 Decimal = C Hexadecimal (0xc hex)
12 MD5c20ad4d76fe97759aa27a0c99bff6710
12 SHA17b52009b64fd0a2a49e6d8a939753077792b0554
12 SHA2243c794f0c67bd561ce841fc6a5999bf0df298a0f0ae3487efda9d0ef4
12 SHA2566b51d431df5d7f141cbececcf79edf3dd861c3b4069f0b11661a3eefacbba918
12 SHA3841e237288d39d815abc653befcab0eb70966558a5bbc10a24739c116ed2f615be31e81670f02af48fe3cf5112f0fa03e8
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Numerology 12

Numerology number 12: what does it mean spiritually?

There is a combination within the Numerology number 12 which combines the energies and characteristics of the 1 and the 2. Those on number 1 are motivated, progressing, confident, achieving and succeeding. The vibration of number 2 is like that of duality, diplomacy, flexibility, cooperation and relationships, awareness and sensitivity.

Your beliefs and values, your purpose and mission as a human being, are all associated with the number 2. The number 12 in Numerology represents cycles of experience, rebirth, and sensitivity that lead to higher levels of consciousness, knowledge, intelligence, and education.

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The meaning of the number 2 (two), numerology 2

Character frequency 2: 1

The number two (2) needs above all to feel and to be. It represents the couple, duality, family, private and social life. He/she really enjoys home life and family gatherings. The number 2 denotes a sociable, hospitable, friendly, caring and affectionate person. It is the sign of empathy, cooperation, adaptability, consideration for others, supersensitivity towards the needs of others. The number 2 (two) is also the symbol of balance, togetherness and receptivity. He/she is a good partner, colleague or companion; he/she also plays a wonderful role as a referee or mediator. Number 2 person is modest, sincere, spiritually influenced and a good diplomat. It represents intuition and vulnerability.
More about the meaning of the number 2 (two), numerology 2 ...

The meaning of the number 1 (one), numerology 1

Character frequency 1: 1

Number one (1) came to develop or balance creativity, independence, originality, self-reliance and confidence in the world. It reflects power, creative strength, quick mind, drive and ambition. It is the sign of individualistic and aggressive nature.
More about the meaning of the number 1 (one), numerology 1 ...

Interesting facts about the number 12


  • (12) Victoria is asteroid number 12. It was discovered by J. R. Hind from George Bishop Observatory on 9/13/1850.

Aircrafts and flights

  • 'The Lockheed YF-12' was a prototype interceptor aircraft developed by the American company Lockheed for the United States Air Force as a derivative of the secret CIA Lockheed A-12 aircraft, from which the now famous aircraft of SR-71 Blackbird strategic reconnaissance.
  • 'The Lockheed A-12' was a reconnaissance aircraft built for the CIA by Lockheed through its Skunk Works. Its single-seater design, which first flew in 1962, was a precursor to the USAF YF-12 interceptor and the SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft.

Areas, mountains and surfaces

  • The total area of South Island is 56,308 square miles (145,836 square km). Country New Zealand (Canterbury, Marlborough, Nelson, Otago, Southland, Tasman and West Coast). 12th largest island in the world.



  • A foot (naturally occurring unit of length) is 12 inches.
  • The human body has 12 cranial nerves.


  • Pokémon Butterfree (Batafurī) is a Pokémon number # 012 of the National Pokédex. Butterfree is a bug and flying Pokémon in the first generation. It is a Pokémon from the Bug Egg group. The other Butterfree indexes are Kalos Centro index 025 - Central Zone Pokédex, Johto index 026 .

In other fields

  • 1 year is 12 months.
  • The tree of life has 12 different types of fruits.
  • The duodenum (derived from the Latin origin term 'duodecim', meaning 'twelve') is part of the small intestine and in an adult it measures approximately 12 inches in length (30.5 cm).
  • For the Greeks, the Olympian gods of the Pantheon were 12, as well as a dozen works commissioned to the mythical Roman hero Hercules as penance.
  • The American writer F. Emerson Andrews founded The Duodecimal Society on April 5, 1944 with the aim of researching and educating 'in mathematical science, with special dedication to the use of Base Twelve of numbering, in mathematics, weights and measures'.
  • The secret number of Gaudí's Sagrada Familia temple is 12. All the proportions of the construction elements involve the divisors of 12, a figure that allows a very rich factoring and its division into halves and thirds.
  • Hate Symbol: The number 12 is a number symbol for Aryan Brotherhood groups (as are numbers 1 and 2 separately), especially Aryan Brotherhood of Texas. Substituting letters for numbers, 12 equals AB, that is, Aryan Brotherhood. The list of evil numbers.
  • Puerto Nº 12 is a red wine from the DO Valencia, Spain.
  • Dreaming of the number 12 means the integration of society and the group to which you belong.


  • 12 is the smallest abundant number.


  • 'D12' (acronym in English derived from Detroit), also known as The Dirty Dozen and D-Twizzy, is a hip hop group originally from Detroit, Michigan. D12 was formed in 1990, but they only achieved success in the rap world when Eminem, the group's leader, achieved international fame at the turn of the century.
  • 'The 12 Disciples' or' Qutate Tu Pa 'Ponerme Yo' is a song by Eddie Dee.
  • '12 dage 'is a song by the Danish singer Medina.
  • '12 Gatsu no Kangaroo '(12 月 の カ ン ガ ル ー, December Kangaroos), is the 16th single by Japanese idol girl group SKE48.
  • '12 Byō '(12 秒 Jūni-byō, lit. '12 Seconds') is the fifth single by Japanese idol group HKT48.


  • The New Jerusalem, the city of heaven, is described as having thick walls, symbolic of the 12 tribes and the 12 Apostles.
  • According to the Bible, Jacob had 12 sons, and in this same book it is mentioned that there were 12 tribes of Israel and 12 apostles.
  • It represents the Church and the authority of God in the Bible.
  • There are 12 gates of Paradise.


  • Magnesium is the chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Mg and atomic number 12.


  • The best athletes to wear number 12
    Tom Brady, NFL; Joe Namath, NFL; Terry Bradshaw, NFL; John Stockton, NBA; Jim Kelly, NFL; Ken Stabler, NFL; Roger Staubach, NFL; Roberto Alomar, MLB
  • In boxing, after the death of boxer Duk Koo Kim following a world championship fight with World Boxing Association lightweight world champion Ray Mancini, the World Boxing Council determined that boxers were more prone to suffer fatal injuries from round 13 to round 15, thus soon after boxing fights were universally limited to a maximum of 12 rounds only.

Tv, movies and cinematography

  • Film: 12 (12) Year: 2007 Duration: 153 Genre: Courtroom drama Director: Nikita Mikhalkov With: Nikita Mikhalkov; Sergey Makovezkij
  • Film: Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys) Year: 1995 Duration: 130 Director: Terry Gilliam With: Bruce Willis; Madeleine stowe
  • Movie: 12:08 East of Bucharest (A Fost sau na fost? (12:08 East of Bucharest)) Year: 2006 Duration: 89 Genre: Comedy | Drama Director: Corneliu Porumboiu With: Mircea Andreescu; Teodor corban

Number 12 in other languages

How to say or write the number twelve in Spanish, German, French and other languages.
Spanish: 🔊 (número 12)


German: 🔊 (Anzahl 12)


French: 🔊 (nombre 12)


Portuguese: 🔊 (número 12)


Chinese: 🔊 (数 12)


Arabian: 🔊 (عدد 12)

اثنا عشر

Czech: 🔊 (číslo 12)


Korean: 🔊 (번호 12)


Danish: 🔊 (nummer 12)


Hebrew: (מספר 12)

שנים עשרה

Dutch: 🔊 (nummer 12)


Japanese: 🔊 (数 12)


Indonesian: 🔊 (jumlah 12)

dua belas

Italian: 🔊 (numero 12)


Norwegian: 🔊 (nummer 12)


Polish: 🔊 (liczba 12)


Russian: 🔊 (номер 12)


Turkish: 🔊 (numara 12)


Thai: 🔊 (จำนวน 12)


Ukrainian: 🔊 (номер 12)


Vietnamese: 🔊 (con số 12)

mười hai

Other languages ...

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