Number 36 facts

The even number 36 is spelled 🔊, and written in words: thirty-six. The ordinal number 36th is said 🔊 and written as: thirty-sixth. Phone prefix +36 or 0036. The meaning of the number 36 in Maths: Is it Prime? Factorization and prime factors tree. The square root and cube root of 36. What is 36 in computer science, numerology, codes and images, writing and naming in other languages. Other interesting facts, news related to 36.

Interesting facts about the number 36


  • (36) Atalante is asteroid number 36. It was discovered by H. M. S. Goldschmidt from Paris on 10/5/1855.

Areas, mountains and surfaces

  • The total area of Spitsbergen is 15,051 square miles (38,981 square km). Country Norway (Svalbard). 36th largest island in the world.


Distances between cities

  • There is a 36 miles (57 km) direct distance between Anyang (China) and Handan (China).
  • There is a 23 miles (36 km) direct distance between Goyang-si (South Korea) and Seongnam-si (South Korea).


  • Butter melting Point: 82.4–96.8 °F (28–36 °C) Analysis: Melting point measures the temperature range at which a solid becomes a liquid. Butter's narrow melting range provides a sharp melting curve, for a quick flavor release and smooth mouthfeel.

History and politics

  • ISO 3166 country codes for are AU, AUS, 036 and internet top-level domain is .au
  • United Nations Security Council Resolution number 36, adopted 1 November 1947. Calling on parties involved in Indonesia to implement prior resolutions. Resolution text.


  • The 36 officers problem is a puzzle proposed by Swiss mathemacian Leonhard Euler in 1782. The problem asks if it is possible to arrange six regiments consisting of six officers each of different ranks in a 6x6 square so that no rank or regiment will be repeated in any row or column. Such an arrangement would form a Graeco-Latin square. The answer is that no such arrangement is possible.
  • 36 is the smallest square that is the sum of a twin prime pair: 17 and 19
  • 36 is the smallest non-trivial number which is both square and triangular.

Mobile and telephony

  • Number 36 or +36 or 0036 is a dial the international call prefix for Hungary. (00/+) is dial the international call prefix.


  • On the piano, 36 is the number of black keys
  • '36D' is a song written by Paul Heaton and Dave Rotheray and performed by The Beautiful South.
  • '36 Degrees ', in Spanish '36 degrees' is a song by the British alternative rock band Placebo.
  • '36 O's' is a song by Leland Austin, better known by his stage name Yung LA or Da Boi Lay.


  • Krypton is the chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Kr and atomic number 36.


  • The best athletes to wear number 36
    Jerome Bettis, NFL; Robin Roberts, MLB; Gaylord Perry, MLB; Don Newcombe, MLB

Tv, movies and cinematography

  • Film: 36 Hours Year: 1965 Duration: 115 Director: George Seaton With: James Garner; Eva marie saint

What is 36 in other units

The decimal (Arabic) number 36 converted to a Roman number is XXXVI. Roman and decimal number conversions.
The number 36 converted to a Mayan number is mayan number 36
Decimal and Mayan number conversions.

Weight conversion

36 kilograms (kg) = 79.4 pounds (lbs)
36 pounds (lbs) = 16.3 kilograms (kg)

Length conversion

36 kilometers (km) equals to 22.369 miles (mi).
36 miles (mi) equals to 57.936 kilometers (km).
36 meters (m) equals to 57.936 feet (ft).
36 feet (ft) equals 10.973 meters (m).
36 centimeters (cm) equals to 14.2 inches (in).
36 inches (in) equals to 91.4 centimeters (cm).

Temperature conversion

36° Fahrenheit (°F) equals to 2.2° Celsius (°C)
36° Celsius (°C) equals to 96.8° Fahrenheit (°F)

Power conversion

36 Horsepower (hp) equals to 26.47 kilowatts (kW)
36 kilowatts (kW) equals to 48.95 horsepower (hp)

Codes and images of the number 36

Number 36 morse code: ...-- -....
Sign language for number 36:
Sign language for number 36 Sign language for number 36
Number 36 in braille:
Number 36 in braille
Images of the number
Image (1) of the numberImage (2) of the number
Number 36 black image Number 36 red image
More images, other sizes, codes and colors ...

Number 36 infographic

Year 36 AD

Emperor Kuang Wu Ti of China defeated the last of the warlords and reunited the country.

Gregorian, Hebrew, Islamic, Persian and Buddhist Year (Calendar)

Gregorian year 36 is Buddhist year 579.
Buddhist year 36 is Gregorian year 507 a. C.
Gregorian year 36 is Islamic year -604 or -603.
Islamic year 36 is Gregorian year 656 or 657.
Gregorian year 36 is Persian year -587 or -586.
Persian year 36 is Gregorian 657 or 658.
Gregorian year 36 is Hebrew year 3796 or 3797.
Hebrew year 36 is Gregorian year 3724 a. C.
The Buddhist calendar is used in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Burma. The Persian calendar is the official calendar in Iran and Afghanistan.

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Advanced math operations

Is Prime?

The number 36 is not a prime number. The closest prime numbers are 31, 37.
The 36th prime number in order is 151.

Factorization and factors (dividers)

The prime factors of 36 are 2 * 2 * 3 * 3
The factors of 36 are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 36.
Total factors 9.
Sum of factors 91 (55).

Prime factor tree


The second power of 362 is 1.296.
The third power of 363 is 46.656.


The square root √36 is 6 exact square root.
The cube root of 336 is 3,301927.


The natural logarithm of No. ln 36 = loge 36 = 3,583519.
The logarithm to base 10 of No. log10 36 = 1,556303.
The Napierian logarithm of No. log1/e 36 = -3,583519.

Trigonometric functions

The cosine of 36 is -0,127964.
The sine of 36 is -0,991779.
The tangent of 36 is 7,750471.

Number 36 in Computer Science

Code typeCode value
ASCII Html$ Dollar sign $
(Currency code)
Unix timeUnix time 36 is equal to Thursday Jan. 1, 1970, 12:36 a.m. GMT
IPv4, IPv6Number 36 internet address in dotted format v4, v6 ::24
36 Decimal = 100100 Binary
36 Decimal = 1100 Ternary
36 Decimal = 44 Octal
36 Decimal = 24 Hexadecimal (0x24 hex)
36 BASE64MzY=
36 MD519ca14e7ea6328a42e0eb13d585e4c22
36 SHA1fc074d501302eb2b93e2554793fcaf50b3bf7291
36 SHA2240a192892aa3af8d31c7d3a0eec4c3e0d3f1dd05730569d2cab8d951e
36 SHA25676a50887d8f1c2e9301755428990ad81479ee21c25b43215cf524541e0503269
36 SHA3841f6b97e954ff43a3c8bd133101d48cd98569ec6562d241e700ac20392ae74b9e129e52ca37749b7e0772c84f053b3259
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Numerology 36

The meaning of the number 6 (six), numerology 6

Character frequency 6: 1

The number 6 (six) denotes emotional responsibility, love, understanding and harmonic balance. The person with the personal number 6 must incorporate vision and acceptance in the world. Beauty, tenderness, stable, responsible and understanding exchange, the sense of protection and availability also define the meaning of the number 6 (six).
More about the the number 6 (six), numerology 6 ...

The meaning of the number 3 (three), numerology 3

Character frequency 3: 1

The number three (3) came to share genuine expression and sensitivity with the world. People associated with this number need to connect with their deepest emotions. The number 3 is characterized by its pragmatism, it is utilitarian, sagacious, dynamic, creative, it has objectives and it fulfills them. He/she is also self-expressive in many ways and with good communication skills.
More about the the number 3 (three), numerology 3 ...

№ 36 in other languages

How to say or write the number thirty-six in Spanish, German, French and other languages.
Spanish: 🔊 (número 36)

treinta y seis

German: 🔊 (Nummer 36)


French: 🔊 (nombre 36)


Portuguese: 🔊 (número 36)

trinta e seis

Hindi: 🔊 (संख्या 36)


Chinese: 🔊 (数 36)


Arabian: 🔊 (عدد 36)

ستة و ثلاثون

Czech: 🔊 (číslo 36)

třicet šest

Korean: 🔊 (번호 36)


Danish: 🔊 (nummer 36)


Hebrew: (מספר 36)

שלושים ושש

Dutch: 🔊 (nummer 36)


Japanese: 🔊 (数 36)


Indonesian: 🔊 (jumlah 36)

tiga puluh enam

Italian: 🔊 (numero 36)


Norwegian: 🔊 (nummer 36)


Polish: 🔊 (liczba 36)

trzydzieści sześć

Russian: 🔊 (номер 36)

тридцать шесть

Turkish: 🔊 (numara 36)


Thai: 🔊 (จำนวน 36)


Ukrainian: 🔊 (номер 36)

тридцять шість

Vietnamese: 🔊 (con số 36)

ba mươi sáu

Other languages ...

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Frequently asked questions about the number 36

  • How do you write the number 36 in words?

    36 can be written as "thirty-six".

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